Rhino Finger Skins

Artisans and craftpersons - Protect your fingers as you do your work . . .

Rhino Finger Skins - For Knife Makers, Jewelers, Engravers, and Other Artisans

Knife makers, jewelers, engravers and all other artisans that work with their hands.

Tired of having those sore, burnt fingers and calloused spots and cuts on your fingers from repetitive use?


Here is a solution.

Rhino Finger Skins were developed by me, a custom knife maker, to have protection against heat and at the same time full dexterity while working on steel.

They are made of a surgical grade Neoprene that stretches in both directions and gives almost full sensation - you can pick up a dime off of a table with them on.

You will receive four Rhino Finger Skins - Two fingers and two thumbs. I developed these to go on your index finger and thumb, but you can put them on any digit you wish to protect.


Rhino Finger Skins Are shipped to all 50 states for $16.95 Shipping included, For the UK & EU please purchase from my
Authorized Dealer there.


There are two Sizes available of Rhino Finger Skins. S/M for small to Medium sized fingers and M/L For Large to Ape/Sausage sized Fingers.

"Please put S/M or M/L in the Instructions to Merchant box during Paypal check out."

Dealer inquiries are invited. For questions regarding Rhino Finger Skins and dealer inquiries please email: rhinoknives@msn.com